The Institute for Global Outreach (IGO)
“Giving Chances To Those Who Need Them Most”

Founded in 2007, IGO was established to create
awareness of Global Suffering as well as find solutions
to alleviate the hardships of many destitute children in
Africa and other parts of the World.

Starting in Africa, we have helped transform the lives of
the most desperate children and families through
interventions in areas such as nutrition, education,
school supplies, water solutions, and shelter. IGO works
in co-operation with local NGOs in Africa to eradicate
poverty, and end the needless suffering that so many
children and families endure. In essence, we gain insight
from the people we serve.

With support of amazing people like you, IGO has
reached hundreds of children; yet there’s much more to
be done. It is our hopes and prayers that after viewing
the success of our efforts, you will be inspired to join us
as we continue to work together to end World poverty.

People like you have made the Walk
for Humanity special and exciting!
Visit our Walk for Humanity page to
learn more about or sign up for this
annual fundraiser.
Supporting our lifesaving work helps
bring health and hope to vulnerable
children and families in the neediest
communities around the world.
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