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Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Quality Education before the age of 5 yields significant long-term benefits.
Every child should have the right to education and nutrition.
Education breaks the cycle of poverty that traps so many children.
An educated child will invest in the next generation.
Access to quality education at pre-K levels is most problematic for
children living below poverty level. This is mainly due to the fact that
most schools at this level are private-owned and tuition is much more
than parents can afford.  In addition, the number of  pre-K centers are
very limited even though children are still expected to identify
alphabets and have many skills by the time they start primary
Mothers who can't afford food certainly have no money for child care.
Nutritional support & education
provides relief

Every day the children come to the center where they receive 2 meals and
are educated in a clean, safe and holistic environment. This basic
provision of food and a safe haven for these children has a ripple effect not
only on the child, but their family and the community as well.

Mothers also benefit from this program. While their children now have a
good start to their primary education, they now have an opportunity to earn
income to support their families while the child is in school.
The Institute for Global Outreach (IGO)
“Giving Chances To Those Who Need Them Most”
Unable to afford childcare, mothers search for work carrying
children on their backs or by their sides. This makes it quite
difficult to find employment to help support the family. They
often resort to begging on the streets, prostitution or whatever
necessary to survive. These circumstances place innocent
little children in danger and often lead to their unfortunate
Nutritional support helps the children focus and improves their health and physical ability drastically.
Children who don't attend ECE are delayed when they
start elementary because they lack the skills taught on
preschool level.