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Funding No Longer Available

This is the most devastating news for a child who is in Dire need of
help. To learn that their support has come to an end is like receiving a
Death Sentence to a desperate child. Below are pictures of a boy and
little girl who had this devastating experience firsthand when their
sponsorship funds came abruptly to an end.

This 11 year old little boy is an orphan due to the AIDS epidemic. In
spite of his sad circumstances and because he was enrolled in a
sponsorship program, this 4th grader was exceeding against the odds.
After sponsorship ended, life became terribly harsh leaving him
extremely malnourished, alone and distraught. 

Now that he’s enrolled in IGO’s sponsorship & nurturing program, he
has shown significant signs of improvement, regained his self-esteem
and has been given the chance to live the life that every child deserves.
This 6 year old orphaned little girl’s tragedy is another example of
the devastating effect of losing sponsorship. During the period
when she received no support her health declined drastically.
She became very frail, lost all of her hair and was deteriating
physically and emotionally.  Her recovery since becoming one of
IGO’s sponsored children has been nothing short of a miracle.
"An individual has not
started living until he can
rise above the narrow
confines of his
individualistic concerns to
the broader concerns of all
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.